Sub Worker, Parkland School

REPORTING TO: Teacher or Executive Assistant in Teacher's absence, Parkland School


MISSION STATEMENT: The Parkland Community Living and Supports Society exists to improve the quality of life of the disabled through individual choice, dignity and rights.

PARKLAND SCHOOL OBJECTIVE: To meet the educational, social, recreational and life skills needs of disabled students through the use of individualized programming stressing choices, dignity and rights.

    Under the general direction of the Adult Proprietorship and I.L.S. Coordinator, the incumbent in this position will be required to:
    • Support the Teacher in student management by:
      • following the student sub guide and teacher's directions
      • providing the student with assistance in their personal hygiene and physical activities
      • listening to and interpreting the student's oral and other forms of communication
      • endeavoring to meet the student's request for assistance
      • initiating and participating with the teacher in the organizing and supervising of any off-site activities
      • initiating activities for the student in one-to-one, non-academic settings (walks, gym activities, Snoezelen Room)
      • supervising students' free play periods, recesses, lunch breaks and classroom activities
      • assisting the students in special areas like physical education, snack program, work experience, language classes, life skills, music, sensory integration or any other special areas that are teacherĀ­-directed/supervised
    • Assist in the provision of targeted instruction to each assigned student by:
      • tutoring the student(s) in the completion of work assigned by the Teacher
      • assisting the Teacher with daily program delivery
      • assisting the student by carrying out programs outlined by professionals (PT/OT/Speech/Vision/Hearing/Sensory futegration)
      • initiating and/or assisting in the preparation of instructional materials
      • assisting the student in any self-help activities and/or skills
    • Provide an environment where the student(s) learning potential can be maximized by:
      • offering assistance, being compassionate and sensitive to the student's feelings
      • assisting the student in communicating wants and needs in various ways
      • providing security, guidance and support to the student
      • building self-esteem and self-confidence in the student
      • practicing positive reinforcement
      • being available to the student and treating them fairly and objectively
      • respecting the student and being tolerant of their ideas and opinions
      • responding appropriately to verbal and non-verbal cues presented by the student
      • stimulating the student through displays of personal enthusiasm, humor and positive attitudes
    • Contribute to the overall effectiveness of the team by:
      • watching other staff members and modeling appropriate behaviors and skills to the student(s)
      • asking directions/questions about student and schedule as needed
      • conducting him/herself in an ethical manner
      • adhering to the societal "Code of Ethics"
      • asking other full-time staff for help in emergency/behavioral situations (substitutes are not to use Emergency Handling Procedures unless absolutely necessary in the absence of regular staff members)
    To be effective in the performance of the position described above, an individual would require the following:

    • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the values of citizenship, choice, support, and equality of opportunity, as defined and adhered to by the Parkland Community Living and Support Society
    • Detailed knowledge of policies and procedures of Parkland CLASS
    • Detailed knowledge of First Aid and CPR as demonstrated by valid certification
    • Working knowledge of Foundations as demonstrated by satisfactory completion of Parkland C.L.A.S.S. training course
    • Detailed knowledge of Abuse Protocol
    • Working knowledge of medication administration, restrictive procedures and Pro-Act
    • Demonstrated ability to work with the severely disabled students of Parkland School
    • Demonstrated skill in behavior management and modification
    • Demonstrated skill in crisis intervention and management
    • Ability to be an effective team member
    • Ability to work independently if required
    To adequately perform the duties of this position the incumbent will have completed Grade 12. Additional training in rehabilitation, early childhood, teacher's assistant, and/or special education is highly desirable.
    Note: Some equivalency of experience and/or education may be accepted.

    • Medically fit to perform job duties
    • Clean Criminal Record /Police Intervention Check or one that is acceptable to the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer
    • Clean Child Intervention Record Check or one that is acceptable to the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer
    • Valid Class 5 Driver's Licence and vehicle may be required
    • Valid Class 4 Driver's License may be required
    • Clean driver's abstract or one that is acceptable to the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer may be required
    • Vehicle registration and automobile insurance may be required
    • Mandatory training is required and must be obtained within the required timeline as specified in policy IV:3:3.2- Mandatory Training
    • Successful completion of Foundations Training (as applicable)

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