Canadian Arctic

Parkland CLASS is very active in the development and delivery of services for adults and children with disabilities from Nunavut and the Northwest Territories in the Canadian Arctic. These services include residential group home placements, adult proprietorships, children's specialized foster care, individual apartment living, and community bridging.

The Agency's programs for northern individuals are delivered in Central Alberta, where high-needs children and adults are being served.

The programs and services that support Northern adults and children while they are living in Central Alberta are described within the Children's and Adult Services program areas.

Parkland CLASS developed this program in partnership with the Inuvik Regional Health Board, the Ehdiitat Gwithcin Band Council, and the Uummarmuit (Inuvaluit) Development Corporation.

Cultural and Social Sensitivity

Parkland CLASS has been involved within a variety of cultural settings which range from high Arctic Inuit communities to Indigenous reserves across Central Alberta, and with various groups and organizations in South American nations which are involved in the Latin America - ITINERIS Project.

Through these experiences, the Agency has gained sensitivity and a strong commitment to supporting both the cultural and social diversity of its individuals, families, and partners. In terms of its activities in the Arctic, our cultural awareness relates to the value associated with "the land" and the various traditions, practices, and ceremonies that are unique to the Inuvialuit and Gwich'in peoples. The Agency's social sensitivity relates to its understanding of Indigenous principles, community healing, and the accommodation of traditional values and practices within the Agency's service delivery system.

In support of its commitment, Parkland CLASS has a bias to respect Indigenous elders and encourage their involvement within the lives of the individual’s that we serve. There is a preference to hire and train Indigenous staff whenever possible, and individuals are encouraged to participate in their traditions including facilitated activities on "the land", attendance at formal cultural events, and access to traditional foods.

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