Registered Nurse

REPORTING TO: Children�s Wellness Services Coordinator


MISSION STATEMENT: The Parkland Community Living and Supports Society exists to improve the quality of life of the disabled through individual choice, dignity and rights.

    Under the general direction of the Children�s Wellness Services Coordinator, the Registered Nurse: provides health care and support to consumers; is proactive in providing preventative health care, monitors and reports on the general health and wellness of those individuals under her/his care; supervises and is responsible for the administration of medical treatment of consumers; and participates and supervises the delivery of nursing care plans and developmental programs.
    Under the general direction of the Children�s Wellness Services Coordinator, the incumbent in this position will be required to:
    1. Provide health care and support to consumers by:
      • following all prescribed policies and procedures pertaining to the health and wellness of consumers
      • observing the general health of all consumers
      • reporting and informing the Children�s Wellness Services Coordinator and Residential Supervisor of any illness, evidence
      • f trauma, etc. that is observed
      • monitoring and ensuring that appropriate health and wellness practices are followed by consumers and staff
      • completing and/or ensuring the completion of necessary charting, record keeping, nursing care plans, etc.
      • developing, implementing and monitoring of nursing care plans
    2. Monitor and report on the general health and wellness of those individuals under her/his care by:
      • monitoring seizure activity and maintaining appropriate documentation
      • informing relevant staff and guardians as
      • equired
      • training other staff in the appropriate procedures to maintain consumer health
      • following all of the applicable policies and procedures that pertain to medical treatments
      • ensuring complete understanding of the medical treatments that have been approved by the prescribing physician or therapist
      • ensuring that proper documentation is received and available
      • training staff in the proper administration and record keeping of medications
      • conducting and/or supervising the medical procedures required
      • completing and/or supervising the completion of necessary charting, record keeping, nursing care plans, etc.
      • ensuring that medications are stored in the proper locations
      • monitoring the administration of medicine to identify any reactions and/or side effects
      • ensuring that all medications are properly labelled and expiry dates noted
      • preparing with the assistance of the pharmacist for medications for periods of leave
      • controlling the shift-to-shift handover of narcotics and controlled drugs
      • training consumers in the procedures for taking medications (if applicable)
      • ensuring that medication audits are performed at appropriate times
      • ensuring that parental or guardian approval has been obtained prior to the administration of medications
      • adhering on a continuous basis to the Code of Ethics and the Oath of Confidentiality
    3. Participate in nursing care plans and sometimes supervise the delivery of developmental programs by:
      • building and promoting positive relationships with consumers, guardians, community support staff and significant others
      • identifying available resources and services
      • identifying and assigning roles to all parties involved
      • monitoring and evaluating the implementation of nursing care plans and developmental program
      • monitoring, documenting and reporting maladaptive behavioural issues
      • directing and training staff in delivery of the Annual Service Plan and the nursing care plan
      • ensuring staff model the desired behaviours and skills
      • monitoring, evaluating and modifying plans as required to reach the objectives in consultation with program coordinator
      • participating in the completion of documentation and required reports
    To be effective in the performance of the position described above, an individual would require the following:

    • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the values of citizenship, choice, support, and equality of opportunity, as defined and adhered to by the Parkland Community Living and Support Society.
    • Detailed knowledge of the policies and procedures that apply to the medical well-being of Parkland consumers
    • Detailed knowledge of medical terms and procedures
    • Detailed knowledge of medicines and their administration
    • Detailed knowledge of medical practices
    • Working knowledge of Annual Service Plans
    • Demonstrated knowledge of nursing care plans
    • Demonstrated knowledge in behaviour modification as practised by Parkland CLASS
    • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the use of psychotropic medication as restrictive procedures as identified by AARC
    • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of services for children and families as identified in the AASCF standards
    • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of CET standards as identified by AARC
    • Detailed knowledge of the material in the food Handling and Health Guidelines
    • Detailed knowledge of the material in the Canada Food Guide
    • Detailed knowledge of the material in the Universal Precautions Handout
    • Working knowledge of crisis prevention and intervention
    • General knowledge of the community amenities and social activities and opportunities
    • Working knowledge of Abuse Protocol
    • Demonstrated ability to work with consumers of Parkland C.L.A.S.S.
    • Demonstrated skill in nursing
    • Demonstrated skill in the administration of medicines including narcotics and control drugs
    • Good verbal and written communication skills
    • Demonstrated financial and record keeping skills
    • Hygienic housekeeping and home safety skills
    • High degree of skill in demonstrating and promoting positive team building and interpersonal relationships
    • Skill in defusing tense and sometimes dangerous situations
    • Skill in providing a climate where consumers will be self motivated, empowered and positively encouraged
    • Successful completion of Basic Skills Training
    To adequately perform the duties of this position the incumbent will have completed a post secondary registered nursing program and be registered to practice in Alberta.

    The skills and knowledge listed above will likely have been gained through a minimum of of two (2) years of directly related experience.

    Note: Some equivalency of experience and/or education may be accepted.

    • Excellent physical condition as confirmed by a medical examination
    • Clean criminal record or one that is acceptable to the Executive Director
    • Valid Class 5 Drivers Licence
    • Valid Class 4 Driver�s Licence may be required
    • Valid First Aid Certificate
    • Valid CPR Certificate
    • CWIS
    • Additional training may be required

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