Children's Foster Parent

REPORTING TO: Supported Home Placement Coordinator


MISSION STATEMENT: The Parkland Community Living and Supports Society exists to improve the quality of life of the disabled through individual choice, dignity and rights.

    Under the general direction of Supported Home Placement Coordinator, the Children's Foster Parent: provides the child with a stable, supportive home environment which is conducive to positive development and personal growth; promotes, advances, empowers and supports the child's wellness in all aspects of life; encourages and facilitates the child to engage in meaningful school and community involvement; participates in the development and implementation of personalized plans for the child; assists with and participates in the development and implementation of training programs for the child; participates in the production of reports and records for the consumer; and facilitates the daily and routine activities of the child.
    Under the general direction of the Supported Home Placement Coordinator, the incumbent in this position will be required to:
    1. Promote and support the overall wellness of the child in the areas of health, emotions, sexuality, and spirituality/cultural identity by:
      • participating in orientation and ongoing training activities as determined by the agency
      • maintaining availability at all times, including during employment hours, in the event that the child is ill, the day program is not available, or an emergency has occurred etc.
      • encouraging, assisting, or if required, supervising personal hygiene
      • encouraging, and participating in nutritious meal preparation
      • encouraging, assisting and supervising the proper use of medications
      • monitoring and accepting responsibility for the child's attendance at medical, dental, and specialist appointments and therapies
      • ensuring that any complaints or symptoms of ill health are treated seriously, with respect and with appropriate action
      • ensuring that appropriate steps are followed during emergency situations, as per the Program Service Delivery Guide and agency policy/procedure
      • encouraging, supervising and assisting in the safe operation of household appliances, equipment, etc.
      • recognizing and responding to the child's emotional needs in a positive compassionate manner
      • assisting the child in developing meaningful and appropriate relationships
      • providing support and understanding in consultation with child and guardian in the area of sexual expression
      • recognizing the different types of abuse and following Abuse Protocol
      • providing support and understanding in consultation with child and guardian in the area of spirituality and cultural awareness
        • ensuring the child has a positive home environment in which to live
        • advocating on behalf of the child
        • ensuring that the child has access to cultural experiences/training where requested
      • maintaining confidentiality of the child, family and service as per the Program Service Delivery Guide and as per agency policy/procedure
    2. Encourage and facilitate the child to engage in meaningful school and community involvement by:
      • facilitating the full integration of the child into an approved school program
      • participating in the identification of each child's likes/dislikes and needs in the area of personal development
      • facilitating and supporting the child in becoming more aware of the community
      • ensuring supervision and safety needs of the child are met while in their home or in the community
      • monitoring the child's expenditures while participating in community activities to prevent exploitation
      • ensuring, encouraging, supporting and fully participating with the child in their choice of community and social activities
      • incorporating the child into family routines, activities and/or community involvement
    3. Assist with and participate in the development and implementation of training plans (Individual Training Plan, Annual Service Plan) for each child by:
      • assisting in the assessing of the child's skill levels
      • assisting in the development of skill level goals
      • assisting in the development of a plan to reach goals
      • participating in the delivery of training
      • modelling the desired behaviours and skills
      • monitoring, documenting and/or modifying plans as needed, with Coordinator approval, to reach goals
      • attending/participating in case conferences and planning meetings as requested
    4. Participate in the daily completion of logs and reports, household chores and maintenance etc. by:
      • documenting required information in a timely and professional manner, as outlined in the Program Service Delivery Guide
      • participating, and assisting the child when able, in household cleaning, nutritious food preparation, laundry and other assigned related tasks as required
      • ensuring all maintenance is completed in a timely manner, and that child safety is a top priority
      • allowing Parkland CLASS to access your home, consumer and program records as requested
      • responding in a cooperative manner to any requests by Parkland CLASS and/or the guardian for information regarding the child
    5. Facilitate the daily and routine activities of the child by:
      • subscribing to the goals, objectives, and values of Parkland CLASS
      • empowering the child to the highest extent possible in the making of choices and decisions that impact on their lives
      • assisting the child in making choices and/or decisions where they need guidance
      • leading the child in proactive decision making and problem solving
      • supporting the child in the achievement of the results sought by their decisions and/or goals
      • ensuring the proper handling of consumer funds
      • providing advocacy and other assistance to the child as required
      • adhering on a continuous basis to the Code of Ethics and the Oath of Confidentiality
      • maintaining a cell phone, pager and/or answering machine where Parkland CLASS is able to make contact and/or leave messages at any time
      • maintaining positive working relations with the child, child's family where appropriate, Parkland CLASS representatives and all others involved in the service arrangement
      • maintaining effective communication with Parkland CLASS regarding all matters related to the child and the program/service, in cases where non emergent issues arise, discussion must occur with Parkland CLASS prior to seeking information externally
    To be effective in the performance of the position described above, an individual would require the following:

    • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the values of citizenship, choice, support, and equality of opportunity, as defined and adhered to by the Parkland Community Living and Support Society
    • Detailed knowledge of the material in the Food Handling and Health Guidelines
    • Detailed knowledge of the material in the Canada Food Guide
    • Detailed knowledge of the material in the Universal Precautions Handout
    • Knowledge and understanding of Children's Standards as identified by the AASCF
    • Working knowledge of First Aid and CPR
    • Demonstrated knowledge of medication administration
    • Working knowledge of behaviour modification as practiced by Parkland C.L.A.S.S.
    • Working knowledge of crisis prevention and intervention
    • General knowledge of the community amenities and social activities

    • Demonstrated ability to work with consumers of Parkland C.L.A.S.S.
    • Good verbal and written communication skills
    • Demonstrated financial and record keeping skills
    • Good housekeeping and home safety skills
    • High degree of skill in interpersonal relationships
    • Skill in defusing tense and sometimes dangerous situations
    • Skill in providing a climate where consumers will be motivated to take appropriate action
    • Patience and skill in implementing training programs
    • Demonstrated ability to work with children


    To adequately perform the duties of this position the incumbent will have completed Grade 12. Additional course work that has some relevance to the goals and objectives of Parkland C.L.A.S.S. is desirable. A diploma in the field of Human Services is preferred.

    The skills and knowledge listed above will likely have been gained through a minimum of two (2) years of experience in a related field of endeavour with demonstrated expertise in working with children with disabilities.

    Note: Some equivalency of experience and/or education may be accepted.

    • Excellent physical condition as confirmed by a medical examination
    • Clean criminal record or one that is acceptable to the Executive Director
    • Clean Child Welfare Check or one that is acceptable to the Executive Director
    • Valid Class 5 Driver's Licence and Vehicle
    • Valid Standard First Aid and C.P.R. Certificate
    • Valid P.A.R.T. Certificate
    • Basic Skills Training Certificate
    • Parent Preparation Training
    • Advanced Training modules as approved by Region 4
    • Aboriginal Awareness Training
    • Suicide Prevention Training

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